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John Anthony Vineyards

John Anthony Vineyards
July 9, 2024 | John Anthony Vineyards

Banner Growing Season Marks a Vintage to Remember

After an ample winter with significant rainfall, John Anthony’s Napa Valley estates are gearing up for what promises to be an exceptional vintage. The vines have responded positively to the winter rains, resulting in healthy, vibrant canopies and excellent cluster development.

Weather Conditions and Vineyard Health

The 2024 winter brought abundant rain, replenishing groundwater and setting the stage for a thriving growing season. Bud break occurred in mid-March, slightly later than usual due to the cool spring, but the vines have since flourished under the sunny days of early summer. With large, full canopies from the last two rain seasons, the grapes are now basking in sunlight, expressing the unique terroir of each vineyard site.

As our vineyard sites enter the fruit set stage, the vines are transitioning towards veraison, the crucial period when grapes begin to change color and develop their characteristic flavors. This stage marks a critical phase in the ripening process, determining the quality and complexity of the upcoming vintage.

Vineyard Management

Throughout the growing season, the vineyard team at John Anthony has meticulously managed our vineyards in Napa Valley to ensure optimal grape development. Tasks such as leafing, cluster thinning, and canopy management are carried out with precision, guided by decades of experience and a deep understanding of Napa Valley’s microclimates.

John Anthony Truchard, with over 30 years in Napa Valley winemaking, leads a dedicated team that is committed to producing wines of exceptional quality. Their attention to detail and commitment to sustainable practices ensure that each vineyard site reaches its full potential.

Estate Highlights

The excitement for the 2024 vintage extends across John Anthony’s estates, including Church Vineyard in Los Carneros AVA, Coombsville Vineyard in Coombsville AVA, and R/D, GnR, Epps, and Crane Vineyards in Oak Knoll District AVA, and Jameson Canyon Vineyard in the southern rolling hills of Napa Valley. Each vineyard benefits from unique terroir, contributing to the diversity and complexity of the wines produced.

Looking Forward

As we anticipate the upcoming harvest, all signs point to a vintage that celebrates the best of Napa Valley winemaking. The combination of ample winter rains, meticulous vineyard management, and optimal grape development sets the stage for wines that reflect the essence of their terroir and the dedication of the vineyard team.

Wine enthusiasts and collectors alike can look forward to adding these exceptional wines to their collections. Stay tuned as we approach harvest season, and raise a glass to the 2024 vintage – a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of John Anthony Vineyards.


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