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John Anthony Vineyards


John practices intentional, terroir-driven winegrowing with deep respect for the land he gets to steward. Our estates span the length of world-class Napa Valley from Calistoga Vineyard to the north and Jameson Canyon Vineyard to the south—with several, unique hidden-gem plots in between.

Every vineyard selected by John expresses its own character, shaped by the soil, elevation, and microclimate of the site. The strength of that character is enhanced by John's selection of varietals, clones, rootstocks, trellising systems, and irrigation practices. Every vintage reveals a new personality for the site, influenced by the events and weather conditions of that particular year.

John's winegrowing philosophy presents remarkable opportunities to taste the intricacies of the land side-by-side: vineyard-designate Cabernet Sauvignons in a specific vintage; verticals of the same release across several vintages; and multiple varietals and clones from different blocks in the same vineyard.