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John Anthony Vineyards



Scenic view of Jameson Canyon Vineyard in the southern Napa Valley, showcasing picturesque rolling hills and vineyard rows, capturing the beauty and serenity of this esteemed wine-growing region.

Nestled in the cool-climate reaches of Napa Valley's southern rolling hills, the historic Jameson Canyon Vineyard was acquired by John in 2021. Spanning 126 acres east of Los Carneros, Jameson Canyon Vineyards' terroir is moderate-to-steeply sloped, experiencing varying degrees of sunlight throughout the day. Maritime influence from the nearby San Pablo Bay creates a long, cool growing season, enhancing the intensity of the fruit while maintaining bright, balanced acidity. Planted to Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, these grapes are frequent contenders for inclusion in the prestigious John Anthony Reserve Chardonnay program.

Perched between San Pablo Bay and Suisun Bay, the rolling hills and deep canyons of Napa Valley's southern tip create a unique terroir moderated by the Bay's thermal mass, resulting in a stable yet cool-climate wine-growing region.

The wines from this region exhibit refreshingly precise and powerful flavors. The white wines often exhibit a tropical citrus-like acidity, with a razor-sharp focus on fruit tones.

Enjoy Jameson Canyon Vineyard wines from John Anthony:
2022 John Anthony Jameson Canyon Vineyard Chardonnay
2022 John Anthony Reserve Chardonnay