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John Anthony Vineyards


John firmly believes that to create the highest quality wine, you must have complete control over the entire process – from vineyard to cellar. He personally oversees the management of every vineyard source for John Anthony, ensuring that each vine can produce the best possible fruit. 

Every vineyard that John has chosen expresses its own unique character, shaped by the soil and microclimate of the site. The strength of that character is enhanced by John’s optimal selection of varietals, clones, root tocks, trellising systems and irrigation practices. Every vintage reveals a new personality for the site, influenced by the events and weather conditions of that particular year.

Forever the farmer, John continues to plant and cultivate new vineyard sites throughout the Napa Valley and beyond. With age comes character. As younger vines achieve the maturity and complexity worthy of the John Anthony label, we will offer additional wines from new sites to share with the LIST and collectors.

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